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Compare emails, clauses, slides & more.
Sideline helps you go faster.


Power to you

1. Click the Sideline icon in Word, Outlook, PowerPoint or Excel to open the Sideline plug-in.

2. Copy and paste the original and modified text into Sideline, whether from a document, email, comments table, slide, spreadsheet, PDF, webpage, you name it.

3. Hit compare, and the comparison is instantly displayed for you in the sidebar.

Only AUD$3/user/month (ex-GST) with a 7 day free trial period.

No minimum term. No minimum users.
Simple to deploy. Fully secure.

Try Sideline now in your web browser. No email required, completely free.

Note: Some organisations' IT security settings prevent access to the above link.

Customer reviews

Awarded top five most popular Lawtech products for 2022 on Law Hackers

“It's so much easier copying and pasting into Sideline, it works perfectly."

Senior Lawyer

"This has been a real timesaver and gives me assurance I haven't missed anything."

In-house Counsel


How is Sideline different to the legal blackline feature in MS Word or traditional comparison software?

Traditional document comparison software is about comparing documents. Sideline is about helping you work faster.

We know you're under the pump. You just need it done. Unlike traditional software, with Sideline you don't have to worry about file types, open new windows, scroll through folders or switch between windows, and there's simply one click to copy or save the compare.

Will my data be secure?

Yes. Sideline runs locally on your device. We don't see or store anything you input into Sideline.

Will Sideline cause MS Outlook to crash or make MS Word really slow?

No. Sideline is built on the newer, web-based 'Office Add-ins' platform which means it avoids the instability issues that have plagued traditional 'COM' or 'VSTO' add-ins. For instance, Sideline does not load unless you actually click on the Sideline icon in the ribbon, nor will Sideline conflict with other add-ins you might have. There's more detailed information here.

Does Sideline support Chinese, Japanese and Korean text?


Does Sideline work on Mac, or only Windows?

Sideline is an MS Office add-in that works on both Windows and Mac.

Can I have a demo?

Definitely. Enter your email here and we'll be in touch within 24 hours. If you can't wait, there's also a free web browser version here that you can try.

How can my organisation install Sideline?

Deployment is very straightforward as it's done through Microsoft's well-oiled Office Add-ins environment (Sideline has been built as an 'Office Add-in' rather than an older-style 'COM' or 'VSTO' add-in (see here for more details)). We typically liaise with your IT team to centrally deploy Sideline. If you don't have an IT team, we can help you install Sideline over a video call.

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