Sideline standard
MS Office add-in for legal departments and sole practitioners
Sideline for outlook
MS Outlook add-in for law firm teams

Run compares on the fly

Sideline Standard

No more fiddling around with new apps or windows just to run a quick compare. Plugs into Word, Excel and PowerPoint for maximum simplicity and speed.

  1. Paste the text you want to compare into Sideline, from any source.
  2. Instantly see the compare in the sidebar, right next to your live document.
  3. Export the compare into emails, documents, departures tables or wherever you choose.

AUD$3/user/month (ex-GST)


Track changes on emails

Sideline for Outlook

Say goodbye to manually highlighting your edits. Mark-up emails just like Word documents.

  1. Editing a colleague's email? Automatically convert your changes to redlined text.
  2. Received your email back edited in clean? One click to see the changes.
  3. Received your email back with edits shown in redlined text? Easily accept or reject each change.

AUD$5/user/month (ex-GST) + Sideline Standard included free


All subscriptions start with a 7 day free trial period.

Low risk | No minimum term (cancel anytime without penalty) and no minimum user numbers.
Low effort | Simple deployment and minimal change management.
Fully secure | We do not store your data.


Try Sideline Standard now in your web browser. No email required, completely free.

Note: Some organisations' IT security settings prevent access to the above link.

Customer reviews

Awarded top five most popular Lawtech products globally for 2022 on Law Hackers

“It's so much faster, easier and more reliable than the traditional document comparison options."

Senior Lawyer

"This has been a real timesaver and gives me assurance I haven't missed anything."

In-house Counsel


How is Sideline Standard different to the legal blackline feature in MS Word or traditional comparison software?

If you've ever needed to compare two individual clauses, you'll know the drill. Copy & paste the first clause into a new Word document, copy & paste the second clause into a second new Word document, run a full document comparison and be given the compare in a third new document.

You're under the pump. Sideline Standard saves you precious time by allowing you to quickly check for differences without leaving the window you're working in, and also easily present those compares for example in emails or departures tables.

Will my data be secure?

Yes. We do not view, store or transmit outside of your Microsoft environment any data (including emails) processed through Sideline.

Will Sideline cause Outlook to crash or make Word really slow?

No. Sideline is built on the newer, web-based 'Office Add-ins' platform which means it avoids the instability issues that have plagued traditional 'COM' or 'VSTO' add-ins. There's more detailed information here.

What are the minimum software requirements?

Sideline Standard requires Office 2013 (Windows) or Office 2016 (Mac)or later. Sideline for Outlook requires Microsoft 365 or Office LTSC 2021, in each case connected to Exchange Online.

Can I have a demo?

Definitely. Enter your email here and we'll be in touch within 24 hours. If you can't wait, there's also a free web browser version of Sideline Standard here that you can try.

How can my organisation install Sideline?

Deployment is very straightforward as it's done through Microsoft's well-oiled Office Add-ins environment (Sideline has been built as an 'Office Add-in' rather than an older-style 'COM' or 'VSTO' add-in (see here for more details)). We typically liaise with your IT team to centrally deploy Sideline. If you don't have an IT team, we can help you install Sideline over a video call.

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