Track changes for draft emails

An Outlook Add-in for law firms.
‍Show markup to draft emails with a single click.
No more manually highlighting your edits.

Enable in-the-moment feedback & learning

“Muchhhhhhhhh easier to show changes in draft emails to junior members.”


Law Firm (~50 lawyers)

"People are jealous that I have this."


Law Firm (> 800 lawyers)

“The best thing is, senior people don't have to do anything or change their process for their team to get the benefits.”

Director of Knowledge

Law Firm (~350 lawyers)

“This is a good teaching tool so that more inexperienced lawyers can see the changes made to their emails.”


Law Firm (~50 lawyers)

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What does Sideline do?

Sideline is an Outlook Add-in helping lawyers develop critical written communication skills through real, on-the-job and in-the-moment feedback.

  • Marking up the body of a colleague's draft email? Instantly see how much you've changed, or automatically convert your edits from clean into redlined text.
  • Received your email back with edits made in clean? Sideline shows you the changes with a single click.
  • Received your email back with edits shown in redline? Sideline lets you accept or reject any of the changes.

Is Sideline hard to learn and adopt?

Sideline fits within with lawyers' existing email drafting and review workflows, rather than trying to change how people work. Lawyers are already familiar with track changes and document comparison concepts. Most happily use Sideline without any training or by viewing our short intro video. That said, many lawyers do appreciate the option of a 10-15 minute live onboarding session, which we provide at no extra charge.

Importantly, while Sideline is all about improving collaboration, there's no need for supervisors to touch Sideline if they don't want to. Supervisors can simply markup draft emails in clean as usual, and once received by the original drafter, the original drafter can click one button in Sideline to see a redline. This makes change management and adoption much easier.

How expensive is Sideline?

Pricing is /user/month (plus applicable taxes).

We offer a 14 day free trial. Cancel anytime, no minimum user numbers. No hidden costs. No tricks.

Contact us for a quote in a different currency. We serve law firms all around the world.

What about IT security and compatibility?

Sideline is hosted on Microsoft Azure and TLS-secured to protect data in transit. No data (including emails) processed through Sideline is ever stored on our systems.

Sideline has also been independently security tested. Please get in touch for more information.

Sideline requires MS365 or Office LTSC2021, with Exchange Online. It works on Windows, Mac and Office on the web. Because Sideline has been built on Microsoft's modern, web-based 'Office Add-ins' platform, it won't interfere with Outlook or any other add-ins you have. Deployment is performed centrally and takes around 5 minutes.

How can I try Sideline on my Outlook?

Please contact us for step-by-step installation instructions. IT admin privileges will be needed to install Sideline because it connects with secure parts of your organisation's Microsoft ecosystem. As a result, it's not possible for end users to simply click a download button and start redlining emails. You can however try the clickable demo at the top of this website.

"Why doesn't Outlook have a track changes feature like Word? Now it does.

No more tedious formatting of edits. No more wondering what changes have been made.

Sideline is useful for all lawyers."

Law Institute Journal

Jan/Feb 2024 edition
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