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Spot the difference, fast

Are these two paragraphs the same?

What did my boss change in this email?

Which numbers have been updated in this section?

There's something deleted here but I can't see what.

Super easy

1. Click on the Sidecon icon in the MS Office ribbon to open the app. Works in Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel.
2. Copy and paste (or type) the original and modified text into Sideline, from wherever they exist.
3. Hit compare, and the comparison instantly appears in the sidebar.


Why Sideline

Working in the legal industry, we created Sideline after learning we weren't alone juggling multiple windows, scrolling endlessly to find the right comparison files, and fighting expensive, clunky compare software just to do simple text compares.

Some people even told us they had given up and now compared documents by eye, delegated to assistants or didn't even bother checking for differences 😮.

  • Sideline offers a simple solution.

  • Zero training. No bloated features. Lives where you already work.

  • Save time and frustration. No getting lost between multiple files, windows and apps.

  • Fully secure. We don't see or touch your data.

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