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Sideline reviewed in Law Institute Journal

May 31, 2024


Daniel Yim

Screenshot of the heading from the Law Institute Journal's product review of Sideline

Sideline received a glowing review in the January/February 2024 edition of the Law Institute Journal.

The full product review is only accessible to LIV members or subscribers, but quotes include:

Sideline is a simple add-on that enables users to track changes to emails as they are made or to show edits in clean copies. It uses the well-known protocol of red for deletions and blue for inserts.
It is easy to install, taking five to 10 minutes. There is assistance with on-boarding supported by a help knowledge base.


Building on more than a dozen prototypes, iterations and user feedback, [Daniel] honed in on lawyers’ frustration with the need to manually redline their emails to show edits. He built Sideline as a one-click solution to this niche problem. Enabling junior lawyers to see changes to their emails made by more experienced lawyers, Sideline also links to [Daniel’]s wider philosophy that the best training for lawyers is on-the-job training.

Many thanks to Judith Bennett and The Law Institute of Victoria for the review.

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